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Tips for every Junior

1. Leave your comfort zone 

You probably did this already when you decided to find a job, choose a career field, or applied to the company you are in right now. Good for you! Keep doing it because it will allow you to adapt faster and more easily. 

2. Don’t be afraid to ask

During your onboarding process, you’ll probably have tons of questions. And guess what? You should ask them! By doing that, you show that you care about the role, you show your engagement, and you raise your confidence in the community. 

3. Reach out to people

Just ask this person in a direct message and arrange a 10-15 minute call, so you’ll have a chance to say “Hi”, learn more about the company and good practices, and ask for advice. 

4. Make mistakes

Of course not intentionally 😉 

Even the most experienced members of the company make mistakes because it’s an integral part of the journey. 

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