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Mariana Bilyk
Business development manager
I do business on reputation and strong long - term partnership with our clients. Your success is our success.

Phone (WhatsApp, Telegram): +48791394345
Phone (WhatsApp, Telegram): +380971126500
email: mariana.bilyk@peakscircle.software
Karatay Maxim
Head of office in Poland
Key Account Director
I will be happy to discuss the details of your project, and share our expertise. I will help with the prepare of a detailed development plan, the goals of each milestone, and the project timeline. I will collect a team that will be best suited to you and your tasks. Budget and risks are always in my attention.

Phone (WhatsApp, Telegram): +48576218482
Phone (WhatsApp, Telegram): +380637959391
email: maksym.karatai@peakscircle.software
Karatay Pavel
Head of office in Ukraine
I will help you establish a solid foundation for your project.
I will be glad to puzzle over your tasks, learn new technologies or solutions.

Phone (WhatsApp, Telegram): +380990009996
email: pavel.karatay@peakscircle.software