Social network for people with chronic diseases

In collaboration with GetBetter we have created a social network for people with chronic diseases. It has become the most useful for diabetics. According to the World Health Organization data, more than 8,5% people worldwide have diabetes. And more than 2.5 million deaths are attributed to diabetes each year. Such a big number of people in need of timely assistance became the driving force for the project development.
Main functions
The application is supported by smartphones and tablet devices that runs the Android and iOS operating systems. Application realizes the following: • filtered news feed (depending from diagnosis, user's language and location); • geolocation and a map to search for users nearby. Specific algorithm of the map marker clustering was implemented for steady and fast workflow; • 'HELP' function. User's followers and other users nearby are informed if urgent help is needed by any member of the community; • publishing posts and photos; • internal rating system which motivates users to be active inside the application; • notifications.
Our team's work:
Initially the interface was designed by the client itself.
During the process of project development and its functional enrichment our team created a design for the new necessary elements and made some changes in the already existing ones, taking into consideration the general concept of the product.
Before application second release we planned and realized a completely new product design.
The technical part of the project was developed from scratch by our team. In particular we created the server architecture and API. Visual component of the project represents mobile applications based on the iOS and Android operating systems.
The project Back-end was split into several functional servers to provide the product with a steady workflow during the peak loads.
In order to check various theories, the client assigned the task to connect the project to 5 different metric systems and analytics. Beyond that we realized our own internal data collection system and user behavior analysis.A special WEB interface was created to display the summary.
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