So, YOU came to this page! It means that you understand the value of innovation for millions of people in everyday life.
In its turn this value is preserved in any vital activity including your personal professional growth. And WE are ready to WELCOME YOU into our IT WORLD. WE are ahead of everything for digital vaccination - applications, web-sites and most important - working places. Our role is to create all the conditions for your career development, to dig you into the area of successful business cases and a world-class application development. The only thing YOU need is a DESIRE reinforced by actions and 3 main character features: DILIGENCE, DEDICATION and LIABILITY.
iOS Native development: Swift, Objective-C.
Android Native development: Kotlin, Java.
Flutter Cross-platform development on Flutter for simple solutions.
Angular Delivers all productivity and scalable infrastructure for apps.
Node.JS Express is a minimalistic and flexible web framework for Node.js applications.
Deploy Linux, AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Jenkins, MySQL, Postgresql, Mongo...
Benefits YOU get working WITH US:
Your career ladder is infinite. Improve your job position, explore related technologies. Take active part in our projects from various business areas to force your professional progress;
We value your initiative. Adaptive business processes are constantly being implemented inside our company, so we could adopt flexible decision making with a high degree of autonomy;
Our team creates useful projects which are well-known for millions of people. Think of million cases to look cool for your bros.
Effectiveness does not depend upon the amount of time spent for work. We have a flexible 5/2 schedule which helps to prevent everyone from the workforce saturation;
We offer a competitive payroll system, steady growth dependent from your personal growth and efficiency.

Job vacancies

Android Developer
Creative maker/founder of products for Android Operating System, who is on duty of creation, updating and improving the innovative products.
PM is a main hero blamed for all the success of created products. Duties: engineering, planning, control, communication, priority setting, and fast problem solution occurred during the working process.
Personal assistant
Professional in social sphere and working process organization. A reliable performer and company's trustee. He/She is a curious personality who possesses knowledge of business-ethics.