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Why are chatbots so important for business

A chatbot for business is an automated system for communicating with potential customers. Artificial intelligence, with the help of which the business solves global problems in marketing and sales. An online chatbot relieves the support service from routine customer service tasks on the website, messengers, and social networks.

The first bot was written in the USA in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
“Eliza” was the name of the first virtual interlocutor who even misled people, so plausible and new for people was contact with a computer machine. After Eliza, analogs began to appear and were actively improved.

Why are chatbots so important for business?

First of all, they provide 24/7 service. And also help reach more customers, which is vital for your profits.
✔️ Advantages of chatbots:
1. Effective interaction with customers
2. Economy
3. Generation, qualification of leads
4. Ease of operation

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