Cardio-Workout app

The story behind:
One of the football academies in Poland set a goal to better the training quality and to implement an individual approach in setting training loads for sportsmen on the basis of cardio-indices gathered during training. Together with the project manager our team developed an application for sport watches and smartphones based on the Android operating system.
• work with GPS; • accelerometer function; • pedometer function; • data monitoring received from cardio sensor in real time; • synchronization with the server (receiving workout plan, the possibility to take a break, dynamic data exchange).
During the process of app engineering, we have been receiving experience which enables to differentiate an array of false values from complex and precise information about the heart health condition. Unique algorithm helps to protect a sportsman from an intense overload. In case of a user being lazy or cheating during the workout, the program sends a notification.
Team work:
Our team created an interface and app design for sport watches and smartphones.
Data collection algorithm was realized with the following: heart rate, pedometer and GPS. We realized the system and cueing algorithm during the workout process. App's analytical part is performed through users data collection.
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