Discount service in your city (iBeacon technology)

The story behind
The main service idea is to gather the best offers, sales and discounts of the city for offline stores. These offers were sent to the user’s phone when he was physically standing next to the shop (walking around the shopping mall or by a cafe).
Service is based on the iBeacon technology. When the user’s smartphone got into the area of the beacon’s (transmitter’s) functioning, the app was activated by itself and started to interact with a user by push notifications. This way a shop invited a user to make a visit and gave tips when he was walking inside the shop.
Interesting facts
A successful marketing mechanism was realized for the app. While visiting the shop the user could ‘catch’ a discount, with the ability to use it later on. This helped a shop to get a loyal client and his/hers additional visit, because the user had to come to the shop physically to use the discount.
Team work:
During the process of products development we realized the following:
• business Control Web Panel;
• partners control Web Panel;
• the moderator control Web Panel;
• CMS system for clients;
• mobile apps for iOS and Android.
The back-end was developed using the classic scheme of the scalable servers network based on AWS.
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