Social network for discount lovers

Virtual assistant
Virtual assistant inside your smartphone which informs you about the profitable offers 24/7 daily. Useful app which transmits a full range of sales, promotions, promo-codes and offers. All data is being updated in a real time mode. Effortlessly you can share promotions with other users from network.
Main functions
• a feed with the most relevant and lucrative sales according to a particular user concerns; • voting. The community decides what is hot today. • the possibility to discuss and to comment on good deals; • sharing personal findings and promo codes; • private chatting with other users.
Our team's work:
Our team have created a small part of the design area for the project which lied in the development of the app's logo and define color scheme and icons. Additionally images for application shops were created.
Creating a project from scratch on a turn-key basis.
• designing general concepts for application;
• collaboration with sales providers, receiving the database from trusted sources;
• admin panel and API;
• applications for iOS and Android devices;
• Web client development;
• synchronization with search engines, advertising integration.
Our support services started to function in June 2019. Since that time we have changed algorithm for the Data Import system and have adapted applications and a Website for it.
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