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How NFC can be used to create useful mobile apps

Recently, the number of requests for the development of projects related to NFC technology has significantly increased in our company. A technology that seemed to be a thing of the past. Makers are ditching NFC in favor of BLE.

NFC technology itself finds application in our lives. Therefore, today we will focus on several possibilities to use it in various projects.

If someone is not familiar with NFC yet – here is a great resource for a quick acquaintance with its specifics –

NFC technology can be most widely applied in those areas that relate to improving the daily routine of users.

Agree, it would be great to be able to abandon “smart plastic” (a metro ticket, an access card to an office building, or a hotel) and transfer this function to a smartphone without losing security.

At one time, there was a pleasant surprise at the convenience when you approach the information counter, and the NFC tag was already considered. You see on the screen the thing that you are wearing with a hint of what else to buy.

It’s super convenient. Then it was inconvenient, it turned out that this was a one-time function – a turnstile in another store began to react to an NFC tag, it had to be cut off.

Alas, this trick cannot be repeated with a smartphone: “tell me what’s on me now?”. On iPhone, NFC only works for payments. On Android smartphones, manufacturers very often exclude the NFC chip.

Sharing with you today my thoughts on the scope of one very simple NFC function – URL transfer.

The main feature is that you do not need to develop a separate application, it is just a URL that will open in your browser. There are so many possibilities!

  1. Business card – number one in popularity

There is a certain “Wow effect” when you received a consultation, a card is brought to your smartphone and a business card of this person or company opens. Or you have your future car configured. You sign the contract and the manager gives you your future car, which you can admire before receiving it.

 Telling a friend about your new cool car, you can simply use a business card, your friend will also appreciate your car on his smartphone.

A business card of a product, no less popular thing: it is convenient to receive installation instructions or a link to an application to connect to a device. Although, in truth, we are all used to QR codes on paper instructions for this function. However, if you have a smart socket in front of you on which it is not easy to place a QR code, an NFC tag will be a good solution.

Keep in mind that a page can identify a user’s location – which is a great marketing function.

2. The second most popular is this promo.

Imagine how cool it would be to get a link to the client bank application by attaching a bank card to your smartphone.

You need to enter the personal account of the Internet provider – place your smartphone on the router.

If you want to sign up for a TO, turn off the sun visor and attach your smartphone.

3. Payment

Here NFC will be an alternative to the usual QR code with a “wow effect”. Unusual and simple. After all, you must agree, if the payment is that we are used to using a smartphone; and if you look at the menu then scan the QR code.

4. Interaction with standard applications, we put it in fourth place.

What could be there? Working with calendar or contacts. Of course, you can see the schedule of the event at the registration desk, but it is more convenient to attach your smartphone to the badge.

Do not forget about deep links and launching applications on your smartphone: get directions to the GPS coordinate; open the application and show the product; referral program and much more.

5. Finally, game mechanics.

Yes, you can develop an application and use iBeacons for the game – “find the pirates’ treasures” in the mall. But if you are deciding for the lazy (who wants to participate, but does not want to install the application and register), then you can do it without the application – NFC + URL.

We will be happy to discuss with you other possible applications of NFC technology.

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